Trailer Brake Controller

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Boost Feature: 9 Levels of Boost (S1-S9)

Application: Support trailers with 1-3 axles

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  • Precise Proportional Braking with Auto Calibration: Our advanced proportional electronic brake controller ensures your trailer brakes respond in perfect harmony with your towing vehicle's deceleration. Say goodbye to cumbersome setup rituals with its innovative auto-calibration feature, streamlining your journey's start.
  • Innovative Split Design for Optimal Placement: This trailer tow brake controller can upgrade your control experience with our uniquely designed split system, comprising a detachable display and brake controller . Mount the crystal-clear display on your windshield for at-large visibility, while the controller finds its home in the vehicle's rear interior, adaptable to any angle. Seamless integration is achieved with a plug-and-play wiring harness, simplifying installation like never before.
  • Dual Processor Power for Unmatched Safety: With security at the forefront, our trailer brake control system embeds four robust 32-bit processor chips – two in each unit. These chips work independently, validating and executing braking commands with precision, guaranteeing a smooth, consistent braking performance every time.
  • Customizable 9-Step Boost Control: Fine-tune your braking to perfection. Our electric trailer brake controller boasts 9 adjustable boost levels , allowing you to incrementally elevate sensor sensitivity. This tailored approach accommodates various trailer weights and braking behaviors, ensuring optimal response every time you brake.
  • Universal Compatibility for Versatile Applications: This comprehensive brake controller kit includes an LCD display, brake controller, wiring connections, a Type-C data cable, and a detailed product manual. Engineered to suit a wide array of 3-axle vehicle-trailer configurations, Kohree's electric brake controller kit is your trusted companion for diverse towing needs.

Boost Feature: 9 Levels of Boost (S1-S9)

Application: Support trailers with 1-3 axles


Q1: What is the Main Feature of the Kohree Upgraded Trailer Brake Controller?

This upgraded trailer brake controller main feature is its proportional braking and automatic leveling. It applies the trailer brakes proportionately to the towing vehicle's braking and eliminates the need for time-consuming setup procedures with its auto-leveling function.

Q2: What is the Kohree Brake Controller Different From Traditional Ones?

Our brake controller for trailer has an upgraded split design, with a separate display that can be placed on the windshield for easy reading and a brake controller that can be installed in the rear interior panel of the vehicle at any angle.

Q3: What is Included in the Package?

The package includes 1 x LCD Display, 1 x Brake Controller, 1 x Wiring Connections, 1 x Type-C Data cable, and 1 x Product Manual.

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