RV Quick Connect Propane Hose, 7ft

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Kohree Propane Quick Connect Hose for RV is a versatile and cost-effective solution for your outdoor grilling needs. This 1/4" quick connect propane hose is designed to work seamlessly with a range of portable appliances, including Coleman gas grills, camp stoves, lanterns, and more. With its convenient quick-disconnect feature, you can easily hook up your 1lb portable camping BBQ grill appliance to your RV without the need for expensive and bulky 16.4 oz/1Lb propane tanks.

The Kohree Propane Quick Connect Hose for RV is also designed to save you trouble and keep your RV safe. Its 7 feet long extension hose ensures that your grill stays at a safe distance from your RV, preventing grease flare-ups from scorching the exterior of your vehicle. Additionally, you can easily install this propane hose without any tools, making it a hassle-free and user-friendly option.

Safety is a top priority when it comes to propane connections, and the Kohree Propane Quick Connect Hose for RV delivers on that front. It is CSA certified and features durable rubber material with excellent weather resistance, ensuring that it withstands the toughest outdoor conditions. The hose also features 100% solid brass fittings adapter for safe and leak-free operation, giving you peace of mind during every grilling session.

Suggestions: If there's a regulator on your RV/trailer, please REMOVE it, because the gas connection only needs ONE regulator, otherwise the gas flow will be double decrease and even no power. And please MAKE SURE your RV with 1/4" FEMALE quick-disconnect adapter to connect it.

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