RV Fresh Water Hose 50 ft

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Material: PVC + Rubber

Surface: Glossy & Smooth

Length: 50ft

Quality Guarantee

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  • Enhanced Durability for Excellent Performance: Our 50ft RV water hose is made of abrasion-resistant materials, engineered to be 20% more robust than standard hoses. This substantial reinforcement ensures a lightweight yet flexible design that resists memory, making it a breeze to manage, coil, and store. No worry about frustrating bends and kinks, and enjoy the longer-lasting hose for all your indoor and outdoor endeavors.
  • CA65 Certified Safe Drinking Water: Our RV fresh water hose is proudly compliant with stringent CA65 regulations, ensuring it is lead-free, BPA-free, and phthalate-free. This guarantees that the water you drink is as pure as nature intended, without any lingering odors or tastes of plastic or rubber, even after extended outdoor use. Keep your family hydrated with the cleanest water on every journey.
  • Leak-Free Guarantee with Premium Fittings: Equipped with solid brass fittings and reinforced with strain-relief ends, our RV drink water hose is meticulously designed to eliminate leaks. The secure connection to faucets ensures a consistent, smooth flow, regardless of varying water pressures, providing a mess-free and efficient water supply every time you use it.
  • All-Season Flexibility and Resilience: Built to last through every season, our RV water hose excels in both the hottest summers and the coldest winters. The UV-stabilized composition shields against color fading and material hardening in sunny conditions, while maintaining flexibility in icy temperatures. With an impressive bursting pressure of 450 PSI and a wide operational temperature range from -4°F to 176°F (-20°C to 80°C), it's ready to face any weather challenge.
  • Versatile Application for Diverse Needs: Measuring a universal 5/8 inches in diameter, our camper water hose is the ultimate multitasker for a variety of uses, including RV camping, travel, gardening, and providing safe drinking water. Its adaptability makes it perfect as a garden hose for watering plants, washing vehicles of all sizes, from cars to RVs, trailers, and trucks, and even giving your pets a refreshing rinse. This dynamic hose is an indispensable tool for campers, gardeners, and anyone seeking a reliable water solution on the go.

Material: PVC + Rubber

Surface: Glossy & Smooth

Length: 50ft


Q1: What Are the Key Upgrades Featured in This Water Hose?

This upgraded RV water hose is made of heavy-duty & reinforced material to prevent hardening, no odor or taste of rubber or plastic. It is 20% thicker than standard hoses for lasting durability, flexibility, and kink-resistance. Making it less prone to bending or twisting, and easier to handle, roll up, and store.

Q2: Is the Kohree Water Hose Safe for Drinking Water?

Absolutely, it is compliant with safety standards, including being lead-free, BPA-free, and free from phthalates. This ensures that the water passing through the hose remains clean and safe for consumption, even after prolonged outdoor use. Tips: Before using for drinking water for the first time or after using for other purposes, thoroughly clean the inner lining.

Q3: How Does the Water Hose Prevent Leaks?

This water hose for RV is equipped with solid brass fittings and strain relief ends, which not only add durability to the product but also ensure a tight, leak-proof connection to faucets. These fittings maintain their integrity even under varying water pressures, preventing any unwanted dripping or leaks.

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