Long-Term Review: Kohree RV Water Hose Tested by Adventure Rocks

Long-Term Review: Kohree RV Water Hose Tested by Adventure Rocks

After 18 months of use, popular RV YouTube channel Adventure Rocks has revisited the Kohree drinking water hose in a long-term review video. Adventure Rocks originally chose the Kohree as his top pick after comparing 6 top-rated RV water hoses. Now after extensive use for over a year, he’s sharing an update on how the Kohree hose has performed.

In the new video, Adventure Rocks shares his likes and dislikes after long-term use. He also tortures and tests the hose’s durability by tying knots, scraping it on concrete, and pressurizing it. Finally, he cuts open the hose to inspect for mold growth or contaminants. After all the testing, Adventure Rocks explains why the Kohree remains his top choice for RV fresh water needs.

Water Hose Owner Review After 18 Months

Why a Drinking Water Hose Matters?

If you're an avid RVer, you know the importance of a reliable drinking water hose. When camping, your freshwater comes directly from the hose so you want to avoid plastic tastes, toxins, or contaminants.

six top-rated RV water hoses

Adventure Rocks needed a drinking water hose that met high standards for their RVing adventures. After comparing six top-rated hoses, they settled on the Kohree RV hose due to its premium features:

  • Premium Exterior: Ultra-soft, flexible, and odor-free.
  • CA65 Lead-Free Certified: Complies with California's strict drinking water safety standards.
  • Aluminum End Fittings: Resistant to corrosion and oxidation.
  • Easy-Grip Ends: Convenient grips for hassle-free connections.
  • Vibrant Blue Color: High visibility without being obnoxious.

Likes After 18 Months of Use

After extensive testing and use, Adventure Rocks found numerous benefits with the Kohree RV hose:

  • No Plastic Taste: Clean, refreshing water with no plastic aftertaste.
  • Kink-Free: Remains flexible without kinks even in cold weather.
  • Odor-Free: No unpleasant smells or musty odors.
  • Leak-Free: Reliable connections with no issues.
  • Easy to Use: Simple and secure connections every time.

After extensive practical use, Kohree's water hoses have impressed with their continued superior performance.

Minor Dislikes

Adventure Rocks shared just two minor dislikes after long-term usage:

  • The grip on the campsite end could be better shaped for big hands.
  • Wishes both ends had nice grips instead of just one.

However, these were very small nitpicks on an otherwise excellent hose.

Torture Testing the Kohree Hose

Now let's test this Kohree drinking water hose to its limits! First, he tied a tight knot in the hose. Many RV hoses retain a crease or kink after being knotted, but the Kohree retained no memory or kinking whatsoever after the knot was undone. It went back to its original soft flexible form.

No kinking RV water hose

Next, he dragged the Kohree hose across rough concrete with a broom finish to simulate accelerated wear. Despite grinding it forcefully across the abrasive surface, the durable outer jacket showed no tears or breaches.

Unscathed outer jacket

Finally, he pressurized the hose to 120 PSI max using an air compressor, which is the maximum PSI for this compressor could output. To check for leaks, he sprayed the hose connections thoroughly with soapy water and let it sit pressurized for several minutes. Despite the extreme 120 PSI pressure inside, not even the slightest bubble appeared, revealing zero leaks from the hose or fittings.

Zero leaks when pressurized to 120 PSI

Kohree RV hoses performed exceptionally well in this series of stress tests, exceeding expectations for durability under conditions of deliberate extreme abuse.

Cutting Open the Used Kohree Water Hose

Since this hose has been used by Adventure Rocks for over 18 months, It's time to inspect the interior condition. Two sections were sliced to inspect for any mold, smells or deterioration.

Cutting Open the Used Kohree Water Hose

Amazingly, the inside of the water hose looked pristine after 18 months of use. There was no discoloration, odors or visible contaminants. Just the clean inner tubing was exposed. This confirmed that the Kohree hose consistently delivered clean water.

Why the Kohree Water Hose Stands Out

Given the torture testing and real-world use, Kohree RV water hose has proven itself as the top choice for delivering clean, safe drinking water. Key benefits highlighted:

  • CA65 Lead-Free Certification: Ensures safe drinking water.
  • Durable Exterior: Resistant to kinking and abrasion.
  • Leak-Free Fittings: Solid aluminum fittings prevent leaks.
  • Clean Interior: After 18 months of use, the interior remained contamination-free.

Kohree hose outperformed other hoses and became Adventure Rocks' top choice.


If you're looking for a kink-free hose that provides clean and safe drinking water during your RV adventures, the Kohree RV & Marine drinking water hose is the answer. Adventure Rocks' extensive testing and long-term use prove its reliability and durability. Say goodbye to questionable water sources and upgrade to the Kohree hose for a refreshing camping experience.

Note: Watch the Adventure Rocks video for a more detailed review.

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