Reliable Kohree RV Pump Review by @AdventureRocks

Reliable Kohree RV Pump Review by @AdventureRocks

If you've been exploring the world of RVing, you know that having a reliable water supply is crucial. In a previous article, we delved into the intricacies of water pumps for campers, covering everything from how they work to selecting the right one for your needs, installation, maintenance, and knowing when it's time to replace an aging pump. If you missed that guide, titled "What is the Best 12V Water Pump for RV," make sure to give it a read for a comprehensive understanding of the trailer water pump world.

Today, we're going to focus on a specific trailer water pump for those wanting to focus on a specific brand – the Kohree RV Water Pump. We'll provide a detailed review of this product, including insights into its performance, features, and user experiences. Additionally, we'll touch on the importance of Gallons Per Minute (GPM) in camper water pumps, compare different GPM options. Moreover, it offers a sneak peek into a review video that walks you through the Kohree RV Water Pump's key aspects, making your purchasing decision even more informed.

Besides, we'll include a tutorial video on "How to Test If The Pressure Switch Is Faulty for Kohree RV Water Pump." Your pump's pressure switch is a vital component, and knowing how to troubleshoot it can save you from unexpected water woes during your travels.

So, let's dive into the world of Kohree RV Water Pumps and equip you with all the knowledge you need to ensure your RV's water system is reliable and ready for your next adventure.

Types of GPM in RV Water Pumps

When it comes to freshwater pumps for trailers, one of the most important specifications to understand is gallons per minute, or GPM. This metric indicates how much water the pump is capable of delivering through the plumbing system per minute. The GPM directly correlates to the water flow strength and speed you'll experience at your faucets.

Essentially, a higher GPM pump will provide more robust and rapid water flow when you turn on a tap or fixture. Lower GPM pumps may result in frustratingly weak dribbles if demands exceed the pump's output capacity. Examining the rated GPM helps ensure the pump can meet peak simultaneous demands. Matching the pump flow rate to your trailer's needs prevents frustratingly low pressure.

Low GPM vs. High GPM RV Water Pumps

When it comes to GPM, there are typically two categories of camper water pumps: low GPM and high GPM.

Low GPM Pumps

Low flow water pumps for camper in the 2-3 GPM range work well for smaller RVs with minimal water demands. Their lower flow rate makes these pumps more energy efficient and able to maximize limited freshwater tank capacity. However, a low GPM pump may be challenged to meet the higher simultaneous demands of a larger trailer with multiple showers, sinks, and high-flow fixtures running at once. The pump may sputter or cycles excessively, delivering insufficient water. Carefully consider your RV’s size and hot water usage before selecting a low flow water pump. They are best suited for conserving water and power on solo RVs with basic needs.

High GPM Pumps

High GPM pumps work well for larger trailers with increased water demands. Their greater flow capabilities provide robust pressure for using multiple fixtures simultaneously. This ensures adequate water delivery for comfortable use. However, the tradeoff is that these higher output pumps consume more electrical power. They can also drain limited freshwater supplies quicker by delivering water faster. Carefully evaluate your RV’s size, usage patterns, and tank capacity when opting for a high flow pump. While supporting greater demand, be prepared for the increased power and water consumption.

Kohree RV Water Pump GPM

For RVers seeking a robust, rugged water pump to trust year after year, Kohree delivers reliable performance and durability. Key Kohree advantages include thermal overload protection to prevent pump overheat scenarios, meticulous inspection for leak-proof operation, and smooth automatic cycling to deliver a constant water supply on demand.

Kohree pumps excel at both steady water pressure and ample flow rate, with 3.5 and 5.5 GPM options to handle one or multiple fixtures operating simultaneously. Convenient pressure adjustment caters flow to your plumbing system's needs. At just 45dB, the quiet operation won't disrupt conversations or sleep.

With CE certification affirming safety across many applications, and lasting construction that resists wear, Kohree builds confidence you're covered for all camping needs.

Review Kohree RV Water Pump

Overview of the Review Video

@AdventureRocks runs a YouTube channel, he provides real-world testing of products for RV Accessories and shares his camper life.

In his video, he takes an look at and test the Kohree 12V 3.5 GPM 55 PSI Water Pump. We'll follow along with his videos as we explore the pump's features, unboxing experience, installation process and performance while benefiting from @AdventureRocks unbiased and insightful perspective.

We will attach a video link at the end of this section for everyone to know more about the video content and the actual excellent experience of using the product.

When unboxing the Kohree water pump, it was observed to have an all-metal construction, unlike the previous plastic-bodied pump. The metal housing had noticeable weight in the hand. The pump features an all-metal body, transitioning to plastic at the front area, and the base is several thick and tall small rubber pads. It designed to minimize vibrations and noise. This sturdy construction quality suggests the potential for good durability and noise dampening.

Inside, Kohree included all expected parts - various fittings, strainers, thread tape, and instructions. One point of note was a bit of residual water when customer unboxing it, it would have leaked during shipping, which is normal after factory testing to confirm operation before sending pumps out.

kohre 12V water pump for camper

Key Features Highlighted in the Video

Kohree water pump for camper realizes truly plug-and-play. After shutting off water and disconnecting the old pump, Kohree perfectly matched the existing plumbing connections. Then he started the water pump and filled it with water for testing. Keep opening and closing the fixture repeatedly to ensure that it always has pressure through the line pipe, exhaust the air and run for a few minutes. And repeatedly open and close the fixture on the filtered water dispenser to ensure that the water pump is functioning properly. Following several minutes of initial priming, the pump cycled smoothly without any worrisome leaks at fittings. Kohree responded immediately each time the tap was opened or closed. Moreover, the flow rate of water is stable, showing the pump's ability to maintain adequate output all the way to the faucet head. This level of performance is a testament to the reliability and efficiency of the Kohree Water Pump for camper, making it a choice for RVers seeking a dependable water system solution.

Kohree RV Water Pump

Is it a Low decibel RV Water Pump?

Measuring sound levels, the racket from the old pump registered a shouting 78 decibels. Immediately after installing the Kohree, the noise dropped dramatically to a Library-like 68-70 dB. According to his calculations and instrumental indications, that made the Kohree a remarkable 2.5 times quieter! Just listening by ear, you could instantly tell the drastic reduction in noise and vibration. The rubber bases seemed to effectively isolate the pump oscillations from transferring into the camper body. Points that reducing measures to the impact of noise, such as using flexible hoses.

Kohree 12V Water Pump

Conclusion and Recommendation

The review concludes with an overall positive assessment of the Kohree 12V Water Pump. @AdventureRocks praises its easy plug-and-play installation, quiet operation, and ease of adjustment, noting it was a true plug-and-play upgrade that drastically reduced noise. While acknowledging the need for long-term performance evaluation after extended use, the reviewer expresses an optimistic outlook after initial testing. Based on the initial experience, the reviewer recommends the Kohree water pump for camper as a promising choice for RVers seeking a reliable, quiet, and easy-to-install water pump. Stay tuned for more reivewers or our extended use review if you're interested in the long-term using experience. There are more details of product comparison in the video. If you are interested in watching more, you can learn more in the following video.

How to Test If The Pressure Switch Is Faulty for Kohree RV Water Pump

When you're out on the open road in your trailer, a reliable water supply is essential for daily living. Your Kohree RV Water Pump plays a central role in ensuring you have access to water whenever you need it. However, the smooth operation of this essential component depends on various factors, and one of the key elements in this equation is the pressure switch. If you've ever encountered issues with water flow inconsistencies or noticed irregular pump behavior, understanding how to test and identify a faulty pressure switch is essential.

We'll walk you through the essential process of testing the pressure switch of your Kohree Water Pump for camper in 3 steps. This test is a crucial aspect of regular maintenance and troubleshooting, helping you identify potential issues and ensuring that your water pump performs optimally throughout your travels.

Step 1: Open the Pressure Switch Casing

Locate and remove the plastic cover or casing surrounding the pressure switch wiring terminals. This cover is usually on the front of the pump and locks by a screw.

Step 2: Unplug One Wire and Touch to the Other

There are 2 pressure switch wires in it. Then take the disconnected wire and briefly touch it to the other still-connected wire's terminal. The metal parts of the two wire ends need to touch.

Step 3: Check if Pump Responds

If the water pump starts working when you do the previous step, it indicates the pressure switch is broken. It is easy to solve that you can contact the customer service to replace pressure switch component. Then your camper water pump will resume normal operation.


Through in-depth testing and analysis, we have an impartial look at how the Kohree RV water pump performs in real-world conditions through @AdventureRocks review. The significantly quieter operation and hassle-free installation make it a compelling upgrade for noisy camper pumps. We also covered the easy steps to diagnose pressure switch faults, empowering you to ensure your trailer's fresh water system stays in top working order. We also provide more RV water pump selection advice and replace tips for RVers, go and check out our other detailed article if you are interested in. Properly maintaining your water pump for camper is vital for comfortable off-grid living. Investing in quality pumps like the Kohree will keep the water flowing smoothly trip after trip, and you can buy their products confidently because they stand behind them with a warranty. You can spend more time enjoying your camper adventures.

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