How to Choose the Best Surge Protector for Your RV Electrical System?

How to Choose the Best Surge Protector for Your RV Electrical System?

Why Do You Need an RV Surge Protector?

Campground electrical boxes seem deceptively simple - just plug in and enjoy proper power flow. However, hazards like low voltage, wiring faults, and spikes often lurk unseen, threatening expensive RV systems. Robust surge protectors provide a critical safeguard.

Standard voltage ranges from 108-132 volts AC, with 120 volts ideal for RVs. But many campground pedestals supply lower or fluctuating voltage. On hot summer evenings when air conditioners turn on, voltages can drop below 90 volts at some parks. Lightning strikes also cause massive voltage spikes. Either can ruin electronics and appliances.

Travel trailer surge protector

RV surge protectors place a protective barrier between shore power and your RV systems. They prevent harmful voltage fluctuations from reaching sensitive components. Surge protectors stop sudden spikes that would overwhelm wiring and components.

Without protection, your RV risks equipment damage whenever thunderstorms approach. Lightning can induce surges miles away. Outlets seem harmless but can instantly surge without warning. Surge repairs can easily top $3,000.

For a couple hundred dollars, an RV surge protector provides peace of mind your electronics are safe from hazardous shore power. It guards against unexpected voltage spikes before they cause harm.

You can't predict when surges will occur. Aging campground wiring and summer brownouts are common. Surge protectors mitigate these unpredictable risks. Don't let aged camp electrics damage your valuable RV.

Safely plugging in at each new site is easy with an RV surge protector. Avoid potential appliance and electronics repairs by defending your RV from hazardous voltage fluctuations. Surge protectors are an affordable way to protect your investment.

What is the difference between EMS and surge protectors for RV?

The key disparity between EMS (Electrical Management System) and surge protectors for RVs lies in the extent of protection they provide and the array of potential electrical problems they address. While both are engineered to safeguard your RV's electrical system, they possess distinct functionalities and characteristics:

  • Protection Scope

    Surge Protectors: Traditional surge protectors solely concentrate on shielding against voltage spikes resulting from sudden surges in electrical power. They serve as a barrier between the RV and the power source, thwarting excessive voltage from reaching and damaging the RV's electronics and appliances. Surge protectors are adept at handling voltage spikes caused by lightning strikes, power grid switching, or other external factors.

    EMS: Electrical Management Systems, in contrast, offer comprehensive protection beyond voltage spikes. They continuously monitor the incoming power and defend against a broader range of electrical issues, including low voltage, high voltage, reverse polarity, open ground, and frequency irregularities. EMS is more sophisticated and can automatically disconnect the RV from the power source if hazardous conditions arise, ensuring the safety of your entire electrical system.

  • Diagnostic and Monitoring Features

    Surge Protectors: Basic surge protectors may possess indicator lights to signal if the power source is properly wired and if any faults are present. However, they do not offer real-time monitoring or diagnostics beyond straightforward visual cues.

    EMS: Electrical Management Systems often come equipped with advanced diagnostic features and display panels that furnish real-time information about the incoming power. They can detect and display voltage levels, current amperage, and identify any potential electrical issues, providing a more comprehensive grasp of your RV's power status.

  • Installation

    Surge Protectors: Most surge protectors are portable and effortlessly plug into the RV's power pedestal. They are user-friendly and transferable between different campgrounds.

    EMS: EMS can be either portable or hardwired. Portable EMS models furnish the same protection as hardwired versions but offer the flexibility to be used in various RVs. Hardwired EMS is permanently integrated within the RV's electrical system, delivering a more secure and integrated solution.

  • Cost

    Surge Protectors: Surge protectors are typically more budget-friendly compared to EMS due to their limited scope of protection.

    EMS: Electrical Management Systems, with their advanced protection and diagnostic capabilities, tend to be pricier than basic surge protectors.

To sum up, surge protectors prioritize voltage spike protection, while EMS provides comprehensive safeguarding against a broader range of electrical issues. The selection between the two hinges on your requirements, budget, and the level of protection desired for your RV's electrical system and appliances.

How many joules of surge protection do I need for RV?

For your RV, it's advisable to have surge protection with a minimum of 3,000 joules or higher. The number of joules indicates the surge protector's capacity to absorb excess voltage during a surge event. With 3,000 joules or more, the surge protector can handle larger spikes in voltage and provide enhanced protection for your RV's electrical system and sensitive electronics.

For a large, 50 amp RV that has more appliances like multiple air conditioners, I would suggest looking for a surge protector rated for 3500 joules or higher. The larger electrical load requires greater surge protection.

In general, having a surge protector with a higher joule rating provides an extra layer of protection and ability to absorb larger voltage spikes. If you frequently camp at older parks with dated electrical systems, or in lightning prone areas, a higher joule rating is wise.

Remember that while joule rating is essential, it's equally vital to choose a reputable surge protector from trusted brands known for their reliability and durability. This ensures you get the best protection and peace of mind while enjoying your RV adventures. Kohree surge protector is the trustworthy defender of your camper electrical gear.

What types of RV surge protectors does Kohree offer?

Kohree's Best-selling RV Surge Protector

Kohree 30 Amp Camper Surge Protector packs a punch with 8000 to 10000 joules of protection to choose. Its robust 17 MOV circuitry catches surges quickly, diverting excess energy before it can damage your RV. Get peace of mind during storms, knowing this protector has you covered. Diagnostic LEDs keep you informed, detecting wiring faults and alerting you to any issues. Stay ahead of potential problems.

Kohree 30 Amp Surge Protector for RV

For larger rigs, upgrade to the 50 Amp Camper Surge Protector, with a whopping 8400 joules of surge suppression. Its triple-tiered circuit includes 20 MOVs, plus TVS diodes and gas discharge tubes. This combo reacts in nanoseconds, clamping down on surges across all three lines of your 50A service. You'll have the most complete protection available for your high-end RV.

best 50 amp rv surge protector

Both models boast an IP67 waterproof rating, engineered to withstand the elements. Their weather-resistant covers keep water out, while allowing room for large RV power plugs. An included lock ring deters tampering when you're parked at campgrounds.

RV Surge Protector with Waterproof Cover

Safety tested and certified by UL standards, these protectors give you durable surge defense you can count on. Their pure copper and heavy-duty PVC construction will deliver years of reliable use. An easy-grip handle makes plugging and unplugging effortless.

Kohree's circuit analyzers constantly monitor your shore power, letting you know if wiring issues arise. LEDs alert you to faults like open ground, reverse polarity, and more. This advanced diagnostics system makes Kohree protectors stand out. They identify potentially hazardous conditions that could lead to electrocution or fires.

Circuit Analyzer w/LED Indicators

Kohree RV Adapter with Surge Protection

When RVers need to adapt between different amperages, Kohree's adapters with built-in surge protection provide a safe solution.

Kohree's 50 Amp to 30 Amp RV Adapter with Surge Protection allows you to plug your 50A rig into a standard 30A outlet, while preventing voltage spikes. Integrated MOV circuits absorb surges up to 8000 joules, safeguarding your RV from hazardous spikes. Diagnostic LEDs continually monitor conditions, alerting you to wiring faults like open ground or reverse polarity. This provides a level of electrical analysis you won't get with a basic plug adapter.

Kohree 50 Amp to 30 Amp RV Adapter with Surge Protection

RVs are vulnerable when hooking up to standard 110V household outlets. Basic adapters provide no protection from hazardous surges. Get household power to your RV with Kohree's 15 Amp to 30 Amp RV Adapter with Surge Protection. This clever adapter allows you to connect your 30A camper to a standard 110V, 15A residential outlet. Although limited in amperage, you can power small appliances and charge batteries before departure. But Kohree's adapter does more than just convert current - it integrates vital surge protection other basic adapters lack.
An integrated 8000 joule MOV circuit absorbs dangerous voltage spikes that can damage electronics. Kohree's adapter safeguards your camper from surges when using lower 110V household amperage. Diagnostic LEDs monitor wiring conditions, alerting you to faults.

30 Amp to 110V RV Adapter with Surge Protection

Kohree's smart adapter integrates the surge suppression you need when adapting to 50A shore power. Kohree 30 Amp to 50 Amp RV Adapter with Surge Protection with an 8000 joule MOV circuit provides essential spike absorption, guarding your RV from hazardous surges. It reacts in nanoseconds to divert excess voltage before it damages sensitive electronics. Diagnostic LEDs continually monitor wiring conditions, alerting you to faults like open ground or reverse polarity. Kohree's adapter doubles as an electrical analyzer for total power safety. With robust surge protection on board, you can securely adapt 30A power to run your large 50A motorhome.

30 Amp to 50 Amp RV Adapter with Surge Protection

Power your 50A rig at home with Kohree's 50 Amp to 110V RV Adapter with Surge Protection. This smart adapter allows you to connect your large RV to a standard household 110V, 15A outlet. Although limited in amperage, you can run small appliances while prepping for your next trip. But Kohree's adapter provides more than just a power conversion - it integrates vital surge protection other basic adapters lack.
An 8000 joule MOV circuit absorbs hazardous voltage spikes that threaten sensitive RV electronics. Kohree's adapter safeguards your RV from surges when using lower household current. Integrated LEDs monitor wiring conditions, alerting you to any faults. The weatherproof 50A female connector keeps water out for outdoor use. Its twist-lock design ensures a secure, reliable connection to your camper. The adapter plug is designed for easy, ergonomic handling when plugging and unplugging. 

50 Amp to 110V RV Adapter with Surge Protection

Kohree's adapters integrate essential surge protection when transitioning between amperages. RVs are vulnerable when plugging into lower amperage sources. Kohree's adapters with suppression give RVers flexibility without sacrificing safety. Protect your investment while adapting power on the go.

Kohree RV Surge Protector with LED Display

Kohree RV Surge Protector with LED displays offer real-time feedback on electrical system status. The Upgraded Kohree RV Surge Protector with LED Display offers comprehensive protection and advanced features to ensure the safety and reliability of your RV's electrical system.

Kohree RV Surge Protector with Display provides robust surge protection, with options available in both 10,000 Joules and 12,000 Joules ratings. It swiftly absorbs high voltage spikes, safeguarding your RV or camper from electrical disturbances and sudden power surges, particularly those caused by thunderstorms. The Crcuit Analyzer with LED Display provides real-time monitoring of line voltage and displays line wiring by code, enabling effective checks on the power source's wiring correctness and safety. Green surge protection lights indicate safe voltage levels (104-132V), ensuring secure connections to your RV. Available in grey and yellow colors.

RV Surge Protector with Display

It includes automatic high and low voltage power-off functions. If voltage drops below 104V or exceeds 132V, power to the RV is automatically cut off, protecting your electrical system. Once voltage returns to normal, the protector reconnects, resuming normal operation.

No need to worry if you have a large plug, as this surge protector's IP65 waterproof design with an extra-large cover ensures durability and weather-resistance. It protects all types of plugs, including newer RV plugs, from rain, wind, snow, and sandstorms, ensuring reliable performance even in harsh outdoor conditions.

Kohree RV Surge Protector with Display

How to Keep My Surge Protector From Getting Stolen?

  1. Choose Secure Locations: When using the surge protector at a campground or storage location, try to choose spots that are well-lit and have good visibility. Thieves are less likely to target items that are in plain sight and easily noticeable.
  2. RV surge protector often comes with a metal anti-theft ring. You can use this ring to attach a lockable cable to secure the surge protector to a fixed object, such as a power pole or another stable structure. This makes it difficult for someone to simply unplug and walk away with the protector.

    Metal anti-theft ring


Choosing the right surge protector is crucial to safeguard your RV's electrical system from potentially costly damage. Consider your RV's electrical needs and research how many joules of protection are recommended. Compare standalone surge protectors versus EMS systems to determine which provides better protection. Look at trusted brands like Kohree that offer RV-specific models. Investing in the proper surge protection will give you peace of mind that your RV's electrical system is shielded from surges and spikes during your adventures.

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