30 Amp RV Male Replacement Plug

SKU: HP487

Rating: 125V 30A.

Materials: Copper pin, ABS plastic housing

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Kohree RV Replacement Plug 30 Amp Male - 125V RV Receptacle Plug, a heavy-duty plug designed for replacing the male end of a 30AMP RV plug-on extension cord. Made of the copper pin and flame retardant ABS plastic housing, this plug provides a stable and safe wire connection, thanks to its strain relief clip and bushing that fix the cord in place. The ergonomic grip handle on the back makes it easy and safe to plug in and unplug, saving physical strength.

This male replacement plug is perfect for RVs, campers, caravans, motorhomes, trailers, and other vehicles. With a 125V 30A rating, it is built to withstand heavy usage and provides a reliable power supply. Whether you need to replace an old, worn out or melted plug, the Kohree RV Replacement Plug is an excellent choice for a stable, safe and durable power solution for your RV or vehicle.

Rating: 125V 30A.

Materials: Copper pin, ABS plastic housing


Q1: What is the material of the Kohree 30 amp male RV Replacement Plug?

This 30 amp RV replacement plug is heavy duty, with a sturdy cord cap structure and super thick brass contacts.

Q2: Can this 30 amp RV Plug Replacement be used with different types of campers and RVs?

Yes, it is designed to fit various types of campers and RVs, but may not fit in all storage hatches due to its size.

Q3: What other features does this 30 amp male plug have?

Our 30 amp RV male plug have user-friendly features include a handle/loop for easy plugging and unplugging, a weather seal, and clear, easy-to-follow instructions.

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