Free Upgraded Dimmable RV Lights Interior

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Q1: What's the upgrade of Kohree Dimmable RV Light?

1. Dual Positive Circuits: Now with two separate positive circuits (red wires)

2. Enhanced Control: With 3 wires leading out, you can easily connect your it to wall switches, granting you control at your fingertips.

Q2: Why is it FREE?

It is an Unreleased Upgrade Product, when you purchase it for free, you are automatically enrolled in our Beta program. We value your insights and expect you to use the product and provide feedback on its performance. Your valuable input helps us refine and enhance the product based on real-world usage.

Q3: How do I share my feedback with Kohree?

After purchase, Kohree will take the initiative to contact you and invite you to share your valuable opinions and experience with us.